Sport for Development program: Life Skills Education


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Using sport and physical activity to prepare, support, and empower the most vulnerable children and youth in the development of transferable competencies for social cohesion, employability, and academic performance. The main goal is to improve the development of positive social change by conveying life skills through tailored sport-related activities (play, games, recreation, movement, and dance) for peaceful co-existence, psychological well-being, and academic performance for children, youth, and vulnerable groups

Sport entrepreneurship, business and leadership program


Sport has the most potential to contribute to economic development and employment considering that the global sport sector has an estimated value of  $700  billion to  $800  billion. This program seeks to connect and empower young people in sport ancillary business development opportunities through networking, capacity building, and strengthening in sports entrepreneurship, business, and leadership.

Champion of Sustainability Africa program


In collaboration with the Global Sustainable Sport, UK, the Champion of Sustainability program seeks to support all sports stakeholders (Confederations, national federations, teams, clubs, leagues, events, suppliers, and sponsors) to evaluate their sustainability activities benchmark against GSS’s “Sustainable Pillars of Sport” framework.

YALI SPORT ACADEMY: Grooming the next generation of servant sport champions and leaders and developing a combination of sport competencies, leadership, and soft skills in young aspiring athletes preparing them for professional or elite sports.

Raise awareness about the powerful contributions of sport for community and sustainable development.

Support Young Africans


Support young Africans in building viable and promising careers in the sport industry.



Create links through sports to unite communities and empowered disadvantaged persons. This is the way to promote sport for development, social cohesion and peace in African communities. All of which are crucial to building peaceful and cohesive societies.



Grooming a next generation of servant sport champions and leaders. Aim to instill and contribute to the development of soft skills (leadership, discipline, courage, competition, endurance, resilience, unity, mutual respect, and hope).

Promote Sport Entrepreneurship


Promote sport entrepreneurship and sport sustainability among youth through capacity building and leadership.

Increase The Participation Of Youth Especially Girls


Increase the participation of youth especially girls, vulnerable groups and people with disabilities in sports.

Show Case The Role Of Sport


Show case the role of sport in promoting important human values, gender equality, social cohesion, peace and healthy habits outcomes.

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