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We are a movement of Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) alumni inspired by the transformative power of sports to achieve the African continent’s aspirations based on inclusive and sustainable growth, driven by the potential of its people, especially Youth.   We believe in the role of sports as an important enabler of sustainable development and its contributions to the economy, health, education, social inclusion, and the empowerment of women, youth, vulnerable people, individuals, and communities.

Faced with this new context, we are convinced that more innovative and sustainable sport could play a decisive role in responding to the challenges facing society today. It is time to act, and to redefine the role of sport in society to make it a force for progress and innovation.


A leading sport for development movement for positive African Youth development.


Support young Africans in building viable and promising careers in the sports and development sector.



Practice Ethical

Practice ethical behaviour which is aligned to the mission and vision of YALI Sport Africa and never compromise the integrity and reputation at its global, regional, national and local level.

Committed to continuously

Committed to continuously enhancing one’s own creativity and skill sets, while supporting other YALI Sport Africa members in seeking guidance and collectively helping one another in achieving the YALI Sport Africa mission and goals.

Comply with all laws

Comply with all laws, rules, and regulations in all relevant jurisdictions without relying on YALI Sport Africa for legal or financial advice.

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Sport for Development program: Life Skills Education

Using sport and physical activity to prepare, support, and empower the most vulnerable children and youth in the development of transferable competencies for social cohesion, employability, and academic performance. The main goal is to improve the development of positive social change by conveying life skills through tailored sport-related activities (play, games, recreation, movement, and dance) for peaceful co-existence, psychological well-being, and academic performance for children, youth, and vulnerable groups.

Sport entrepreneurship, business and leadership program

Sport has the most potential to contribute to economic development and employment considering that the global sport sector has an estimated value of  $700  billion to  $800  billion. This program seeks to connect and empower young people in sport ancillary business development opportunities through networking, capacity building, and strengthening in sports entrepreneurship, business, and leadership.


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